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In order to guard your mobile phone against various cyber attacks, AVG offers various products that are best in providing world-class protection. AVG is a popular and well-reputed brand in the market. It offers on-the-go protection against unsafe apps, anti-theft locker and tracker, and other security features. For getting the powerful protection you must check the following AVG mobile products.

Avg mobile products

AVG Antivirus for Android

AVG offers all its Android users with ultimate security for their photos, messages, and memories. With the help of AVG antivirus guard, you can protect your Android mobile or tablets from various viruses, spyware, thieves, and snoops. Its various features are capable of providing the ultimate protection to your device. This is available as a free download and offers the following features.

  • Antivirus

AVG Android Antivirus is a powerful mobile security that helps in securing mobile phones and tablets across the globe. You can directly download it from the Google Play store and can be easily installed by following the on-screen instructions. After its installation, it runs silently for protecting your device from viruses, malware, spyware, unsafe apps and settings, nasty threats, and much more. 

  • Anti-Theft Phone Tracker 

In order to provide its users with ultimate security experience, AVG added the feature of Anti-theft phone tracker. It helps in locating and tracking your lost phone easily through Google Maps. You can also remotely lock your mobile device and turn on the alarm at full volume. Along with all these, with the help of this Android product, you can shield your personal data from falling into the wrong hands. 

  • App Lock 

Now, with the help of App Lock, you can lock any of your application with a special PIN code. This helps you to prevent others from snooping on your photos, messages or documents. It is perfect for locking down your privacy with an easy code.  

  • Camera Trap

With the help of this feature, you can get to know who so ever is trying to snoop on your phone. Camera Trap will secretly take the photo of the snooper and mails the photo with the time and location. This will help you to know who is trying to access your phone. 

AVG Cleaner for Android

If you want to get more space, increase your device speed and improve battery life, then, AVG Cleaner is the best product for Android users. This is a perfect mobile product which is designed with a user-friendly interface. With just one click you can clean all your device and get the summary of hidden junk files, bad photos, battery sapping apps, and much more. By installing AVG Cleaner on your Android device, you can enable the below-mentioned features.

  • Extend Your Battery Life

AVG Cleaner allows you to turn off your battery-eating features in just one click. Also, opting for a premium product, the phone will automatically switch on or off the settings as per the need.  

  • Create Space 

This product by AVG removes hidden clutter, unused apps, latest files, saved history, similar pictures, etc. This helps in clearing up space and allow you to make space for apps you love. 

  • Set The Cleaning Notification

With this product, you can turn on Auto Clean Reminders. It will automatically find the clutter and sends you a notification for reminding you. 

  • Get the Detailed Summary

You can easily find the apps which are draining your battery and storage. This will let you get the information about the out-of-control apps and get to know which apps are worth keeping and which are not.  

AVG Secure VPN for Android and iOS

AVG offers Virtual Private Network (VPN) for both Android and iOS devices. This is a powerful online privacy app which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and App store, as per your Operating system. After downloading you can purchase AVG Secure VPN

It is an easy to use app that offers its customers with various benefits. The following are some of the features that this product offers for enhancing their customer’s experience.  

    • Using this product will help in providing you with secure browsing, banking, chatting, etc on a public Wi-Fi. Now, you can use your phone safely from anywhere. 
    • This is a simple and powerful app that can be downloaded and installed in just a click. This easy-to-use app is specially designed with simplicity in mind.  
    • You can also browse the internet privately and anonymously. It disguises your IP address and encrypts your connection, for keeping your browsing safe and secure.  
  • It secures up to 5 devices. This can be used on Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, including both smartphones and tablets.
  • You can get 25 bit AES encryption grade which is a security standard for the banks. Its bank-level security encryption is totally uncrackable.  

This product also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. If you are not convinced with this AVG Mobile products , then you can get your money back without any questions asked.